Thursday, March 29, 2012

God's Grace and Plan...

Wow, it sure has been a while friends. I have went missing in action for quite sometime now.

I apologize.

Life through a few more priorities my way, so I had to tend to them first.

I really have other things to be doing right now, but I had to get some type of feedback on something that I just came across while going through my FB newsfeed.

There was a beautiful picture of a woman who has became pregnant after surviving breast cancer. In the picture, the woman is topless (covering her remaining breast with her hand). In my mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture other than some of the comments made about it.

I am absolutely stunned by how many people there are out there who can push in the keys on the keyboard to make the statement, "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD."
(and actually there are FAAAARRRRR worse comments made to go right along with that one).

Why would people be so hurtful? How can they be so blind to not see all of the blessings they are given. The answer is SATAN! He has these people wrapped on his pinky just how he wants them!

The most popular comment made, I think, was, "How hypocritical of you 'bible thumpers' to say that 'GOD IS GREAT' for 'blessing' her with a child, but why did your 'God' give her cancer to begin with? If he is so loving and gracious, why would he put such bad things on earth?"

This makes me cringe to read (and type)!!! It makes me fell obligated to try to explain to these people saying these things just how great our Lord is.

So, what do you say?

I say this:

God does not cause cancer. Man has caused cancer through giving into temptations from Satan. Most, if not all, cancers are caused by man (such as tobacco, sun exposure, and dietary imbalances). Why would anyone think that God is the reason for these things? Do people honestly believe that God makes them smoke, lay out for hours in the sun without proper protection, or eat unhealthly? I just can't see how these people would believe that! God HEALS lives through His mercy!

 "God did not give her cancer, Satan did. God gave her the smile. Life/temporal realm is a span of time suspended in eternity. It was given to humanity to do with as we choose. Two forces, good and evil, God and Satan, vie for our allegiance and influence our decisions. The fact is that the overwhelming majority has chosen and given authority to Satan. Consequently, our world is inundated with pain, war, death, disease, violence, sorrow, hopelessness, and other wickedness and distress. To blame God for what Satan is doing is like turning our home into a pigsty and then blaming the health department because we contracted hepatitis. The tragic part is that even Christians are subjected to the diseases brought into this realm because of rebellion and sin. That is because all flesh is under the curse of sin. But Christians don’t die of illegal drug overdose, alcoholism, and etc. God sometimes heals and other times calls them into His eternal kingdom. Satan wants everyone to suffer every imaginable sorrow on earth and then enter eternal damnation. It’s our choice…submit to Satan curse God and die, or submit to God praise Him and live." -Cedric Fisher, FB User

Another argument is, "God is non-existent, the good people are those who diagnosed, treated and cured her cancer. Those who researched drugs, tested them and found a safe way to administer them to defeat the cancer, the ones who spent years training to become amazing surgeons. Most of all, SHE is amazing for getting through it, smiling, and looking ahead, she is the role model here, not 'God'." - Anna Kullen, FB User

WHAT? Now we are getting into ANOTHER way to take credit and glory from God with this statement. Firstly, SHE IS AMAZING for believing in our Lord and putting it at His feet to handle. She is a role model that people who DO NOT BELIEVE should look to for reassurance in Him. Now, as far as the doctors and nurses and surgeons are concerned... that is God behind them with each incision, treatment, and therapy they give. People in the medical field are all God's hands to perform what they must.

The argument about why some people die from cancer but others live being contradictory is contradictory in itself. If your argument is that God must not care about the ones who die, but he does about the ones who live... my answer is:

If the ones who "die" know their Lord and Savior, then they haven't DIED at all! THEY LIVE in His Kingdom among fellow believers! And those who live do so because that is His plan. Only God knows when it is your time to come Home to Him. You can't spend your life wondering or trying to figure it out, or else you will have spent your life denying God. He is the ANSWER, the TRUTH, and the GRACE to us all!

The remarkable part of all of this debate is that GOD STILL LOVES THE PEOPLE WHO DENY HIM! He still tries to have them come to the light of His word so they, too, will be granted everlasting life! He doesn't give up. God will never give up! I am PROUD to say that I am a Christian woman who knows that my God is GREAT!

What do you guys think about this whole topic? What else can be said to those who do not believe? Please, help!

Here is the link to the picture (I will warn you that it is a woman topless, but she is covering her breast. Once again, the distrubing R rated content of this picture lies within the comment thread).

Friday, March 9, 2012


WOW! Seems like it has been a CENTURY since I last posted something. Do not worry, I have been reading everyone else's blogs... I have just felt a bit down lately and didn't want to VENT it out on here to you guys. Good news is that I am GREAT now, and I only ask that you keep me in your prayers as I try to remain GREAT! To sum it all up, I have recently went through a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE. I am so glad that my wonderful husband and family have been here through it all with me.

Now, on with the blogging....

TGIF!!!! This Friday is even more exciting (yet teasing) because this time next week THIS GIRL and her BEST FRIEND will be heading to Chattanooga, TN to celebrate my big sister's BIG 3-0!! YAY!! Here is my LOVELY SISTER..(yes, I know.. she does not look like an OLD LADY... that is because she is still just as alive and exciting as she was when she was my age!)

Even though she is an Alabama fan, I still LOVE HER THE SAME!

I am so excited that our little ones will get to see each other and have some time to kill each other bond! Laney (Nicole's oldest, 8), Addy Bree (Nicole's youngest, almost 3), Kylie (Reva's, 3), and McKinlee (Mine, 2 1/2) are going to have a BLAST!!!! I will have to remember to take plenty of pictures of our exciting weekend and put them up for you to see!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! God Bless, everyone!