Friday, March 9, 2012


WOW! Seems like it has been a CENTURY since I last posted something. Do not worry, I have been reading everyone else's blogs... I have just felt a bit down lately and didn't want to VENT it out on here to you guys. Good news is that I am GREAT now, and I only ask that you keep me in your prayers as I try to remain GREAT! To sum it all up, I have recently went through a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE. I am so glad that my wonderful husband and family have been here through it all with me.

Now, on with the blogging....

TGIF!!!! This Friday is even more exciting (yet teasing) because this time next week THIS GIRL and her BEST FRIEND will be heading to Chattanooga, TN to celebrate my big sister's BIG 3-0!! YAY!! Here is my LOVELY SISTER..(yes, I know.. she does not look like an OLD LADY... that is because she is still just as alive and exciting as she was when she was my age!)

Even though she is an Alabama fan, I still LOVE HER THE SAME!

I am so excited that our little ones will get to see each other and have some time to kill each other bond! Laney (Nicole's oldest, 8), Addy Bree (Nicole's youngest, almost 3), Kylie (Reva's, 3), and McKinlee (Mine, 2 1/2) are going to have a BLAST!!!! I will have to remember to take plenty of pictures of our exciting weekend and put them up for you to see!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! God Bless, everyone!

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