Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Bee

I have just been a BUSY BEE this past week! I cannot begin to explain my absence, so you will just have to take my word for this one! Between work, my family, and breathing I haven't had much time to even SLEEP, let alone BLOG! I have been thinking about it though, just at times when I am not able to actually get online and type, but now that I am at the computer typing... I seem to have lost all of the thoughts and ideas I had compiled in my head to share with you!

Okay... Where to Start?????

I have had the most amazing week with my husband and daughter. Valentine's Day was a GREAT one this year! It was her first one at "BIG GIRL SCHOOL", so naturally I had a blast! They had a PJ PARTY and got all loaded up with PLENTY of SUGAR and SWEETS! The owner of the daycare said that this is the only day of the year when they are open that they get to hype the kids up and then send them home to their parents! She is having so much fun learning to interact with other children! I am so proud of all that she has accomplished so far in the last two weeks! #oneproudmommy

Brandon bought me the most amazing tulips and a box of DELICOUS CHOCOLATES! We also went on a movie night out to see "The Vow". GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It was so great! Brought many things to my attention about cherishing the life you have and THANKING our LORD for it every chance you get!!!

I do not know what is going on with my computer, but it keeps freezing up after every three words I type, so I am going to have to cut this one short today without a recipe. SORRY! :( Hope veryone has a great weekend if I do not get time to make it back tomorrow! LOVE YOU ALL!

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